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In last nights Semi-finals, Silent Assassins and Rowdy Friends both won in convincing fashion to pave the way for an exciting showdown in the finals. Silent Assassins took down 9 Ya Business 31-19 while Rowdy Friends took it to Racketeers 30-20. Congrats and good luck next week in the Championship !!

In last nights’s 9 ball wildcard playoff matches, we had a blowout and a nailbiter. Rowdy Friends rained down on Hose’n Heroes 25-11 and 9 Ya Business came back from a 7-3 deficit and clawed their way back to clean up the Busboys 25-23 (Both winning teams with 25 points won without going to 26 as they had both won the tiebreaker….at least 3 individual match wins). Next Thursday, Rowdy Friends plans to raise a ruckus on Racketeers and 9 Ya Business meets Silent Assassins to determine who will play in the Finals. Congrats to all the teams and good luck in your playoff runs!! Sorry for all the metaphors, now you know why I am not a sports columnist 🙂

In last nights semifinal round of the 9 Ball playoffs, Silent Assassins slayed Rowdy Friends 26-20 while Slayers upended Diamond Masters in a 25-25 thriller (Slayers won the tiebreaker by winning 3 of the 5 individual matches). Congrats to both teams as they look forward to their championship match next Thursday!!!

9 Ball Rosters and first week matchups will be posted this weekend. It appears we will have 11 teams for next session so a full schedule won’t be posted until later next week in the event that we are able to form a 12th team.

Congratulations to Castaways for taking down the field in the PACS 27 Invitational!! Castaways and Last Call both won their semifinal matches and agreed to shoot one match for the title. Doug Wagner sealed the victory for Castaways! Both teams agreed to a 50/50 split of the first and second place prize money. PACS 27 was the most competitive Invitational to date as only 4 of the 24 round robin matches were NOT scores of 3-2. Maybe those handicaps are actually working after all. 😆. GREAT shooting everyone and thanks for making this league great!!

CLICK HERE for a recap of the tournament scores / brackets.

Pictured above is Castaways

Pictured above is Last Call

Congratulations to Pour House Elite for winning the PACS 26 Invitational!!! They met Silent Assassins in the final and the teams agreed to a 50/50 split of the 1st/2nd place prize money and to play one match for the title. Ron Straw defeated Jim Shafer in a race to 5 to deliver the victory. Great shooting everyone!!!

For full tournament results, CLICK HERE

Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 to Busboys as they upended 🐥s Strokes 26-14 to capture the PACS World 9 Ball Championship last night. Chicks Strokes started strong with an 8-2 lead after the first match, but it was all Busboys after that as they outscored Chicks Strokes 24-6 in the next 3 matches! Great fun. Can the Busboys repeat?? The 🌎 awaits…

Congratulations to Stick Em and Rack Em Up as they both won their semifinal matches to advance to the Finals. Stick Em gouged Chicks 3-2 And Rack Em Up upended Chalk Is Cheap 3-1. Both finalists agreed to split the 1st/2nd place prize money. Rack Em Up didn’t participate in the side pot, so they took home $1700 while Stick Em took $2620 (including sidepot money). Congratulations to all!!

Pictured below is Stick Em.

Pictured below is Rack Em Up

Click Here for complete rundown of boards and brackets

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