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In todays 9 Ball semifinals, Racketeers smacked Rowdy Friends 27-13 while Rutherford VFW cleaned up on the Busboys 28-22. Both teams will meet on January 2 to determine who is the greatest PACS 9 Ball team ever (or at least this session). Great shooting everyone!!

In last nights 9 Ball wildcard playoff matches, Rowdy Friends defeated Slayers 26-14 while Rutherford VFW edged out Chicks Strokes 27-23. Congratulations to both teams for advancing to the semifinals to be played tomorrow (Saturday, 12/21)!!!

In last nights play-in match, Middletown Moose won 3-2 over Eight Sticks & A Loose Pocket to earn a berth into the PACS 27 Invitational (December 13-15). Congratulations to Middletown Moose, you’re going dancing!!!

Congratulations to Pour House Elite for winning the PACS 26 Invitational!!! They met Silent Assassins in the final and the teams agreed to a 50/50 split of the 1st/2nd place prize money and to play one match for the title. Ron Straw defeated Jim Shafer in a race to 5 to deliver the victory. Great shooting everyone!!!

For full tournament results, CLICK HERE

Congratulations 🍾🎊🎉🎈 to Busboys as they upended 🐥s Strokes 26-14 to capture the PACS World 9 Ball Championship last night. Chicks Strokes started strong with an 8-2 lead after the first match, but it was all Busboys after that as they outscored Chicks Strokes 24-6 in the next 3 matches! Great fun. Can the Busboys repeat?? The 🌎 awaits…

Congratulations to Diamond Masters on their 31-19 win over Chicks Strokes to capture the PACS 9 Ball title. That’s two in a row for Diamond Masters, do I smell a threepeat? Way to go Diamond Masters, you’ve proven that you are unequivocally the masters of your domain!!

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