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In last nights Quarterfinals, Busboys cleaned up Angies A Team 26-18, and Diamond Masters downed Hose’n Heroes by a 25-16 score. Over in the Shaw Division, it was Rowdy Friends over Homeless Misfits 25-21 and Chicks Strokes eliminated Silent Assassins 27-13. Congratulations to the winners. Next Thursday (10/27) will have Busboys at Diamond Masters and Chicks Strokes at Rowdy Friends in the Semifinals. Next week will also be the start of the new 9 Ball Session. The week 1 matchups and rosters will be posted by Tuesday 10/25. The full schedule will be posted NEXT weekend once we know who will be playing in the 9 Ball Championship.

Hello everyone and I hope that you all are healthy and have been weathering the storm ok. As the state is opening back up for business, I’m sure you are wondering what the plan is for a tentative “start back” date. I’ll attempt to address that question here.

The simple answer is “I don’t know yet”, but here is the longer answer to help you understand my thought process…

It is important that on our “start back” date, that all of the locations that we are playing that night have their tables open, adequate seating, and are allowing us to play league. At this time, I’m not sure exactly what will and will not be permissible by state guidelines. Even if the state is allowing the pool tables to be used, if the bar/ establishment does not want to have league, the ban on league play by the bar will override anything that the state would say regarding the permissibility of league. Knowing that Monday is the night of the week that we are the busiest and thus the most likely to have problems, I would rather have our “start back” date on a Tuesday or a Thursday. I will be attempting to contact all of the bar/establishment owners in the coming days to try to figure out the game plan going forward. In short, IF THE STATE GUIDELINES FOR COUNTIES IN THE “GREEN PHASE” ALLOWS FOR POOL TABLES IN BARS/RESTAURANTS TO BE USED, THERE IS A CHANCE THAT WE WILL START BACK UP NEXT TUESDAY OR THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK. This of course would also assume that the locations for our scheduled matches all decide independently that they also will allow pool league on those nights. I know that most of you are anxious to get back to playing league and hopefully we will be “back at it” soon.

When we do start back up, all teams will be permitted to recycle one player of their own choice as long as the team does not go over the “26.0” rule and the recycled player may not be a “7.5” The recycling team will pick their own player and the player can be recycled at any time (for instance, he/she may play 1st and 2nd if they want). Any team may recycle if they wish EVEN IF THEY HAVE 5 PLAYERS AVAILABLE TO SHOOT. These are unprecedented times, so I’d rather err on the side of being too flexible instead of not flexible enough.

Hopefully this gives everyone a very general idea of what I’m thinking. More details to follow.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

I am still working on securing a location for the upcoming PACS 28 Invitational. I am TARGETING the weekend of May 8-10 but that is NOT A DEFINITE YET. I don’t anticipate it being before that weekend. I hope to have an official announcement soon.


If your team qualifies for the upcoming PACS 27 Invitational (to be held the weekend of December 13-15), the team entry fee of $190 will be due by December 1.  $160 of this will be returned to the team provided that the team does not forfeit more than (1) individual match in each of the round robin matches. The other $30 will be returned to the team provided that I receive my $500 damage deposit that I am being charged by the Marysville VFW. It would probably be wise to inform your players now of the $190 so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to collect money from them and so that you don’t lose your spot in the tournament.

All team dues for the session ending (Summer’19) must be paid before the start of the next session.

The next Monday 8-ball session will start in 2 weeks (December 2). Weekly dues are being increased to $8 so that the players can receive more in the form of higher payouts and better tourney venue. CLICK HERE for a more thorough explanation of the dues increase and some rules that may be different than in other leagues (but aren’t new for PACS).

I’m happy to announce that the PACS 26 Invitational will be held the weekend of August 16-18 at (2) locations in very close proximity to each other. We will use (8) tables at the Marysville VFW supplied by our regular table supplier (Ken Kuhn) and (4) of the 7 tables that are already at the Marysville Moose. After much searching, I was unable to find a single location that would have everything that we needed (close proximity to Harrisburg, affordable, air conditioned, available soon, accessible for the table vendor, and large enough to comfortably fit 12 tables and seating chairs). It is about a 2 minute drive from the Marysville Moose to the Marysville VFW. I will try to schedule the tournament so that every team plays (1) round robin match at the Moose and the other (2) at the Marysville VFW. Once the round robin matches are complete, the balance of the tournament will be held at the Marysville VFW. More information will be made available as we approach the dates of the tourney. Thanks for your patience!!

I’m still working on a venue for the PACS 26 Invitational. I’m waiting on answers from the boards of a couple local locations that I think will provide great venues. I expect to know something very soon. As for the dates, I’m hoping for either August 2 weekend or August 16 weekend. That will of course depend on venue availability. Thanks for your patience and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

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