PACS host locations must be approved by the league office. Players have a voice in many of the issues that arise and will also have a voice in approving host locations. Locations that provide a safe and friendly environment are in the best interests of the league. Great environments, great food and great tables….one of MANY reasons why PACS stands above the rest!!!

All players must adhere to the rules of the establishment that they are playing.  For example, if a location has a “no jumping the cue ball” rule, that rule will take precedent even though PACS does allow jumping.  Although PACS does not currently have a minimum age requirement, it is the responsibility of any players under the age of 21 to let the establishment know.  It is a privilege to shoot in our host locations and we want to do everything we can to keep that privilege.

*Angies Brookside Diner – 1360 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg
Bressler Club – Steelton
*Chicks Hummelstown Tavern – 120 East 2nd Street, Hummelstown
*Dauphin Middle Paxton Home Association – 227 Erie St, Dauphin
*Enola Sportsmens – Enola
*Gilligans on Eisenhower – Harrisburg
*HoHos Billiards – Harrisburg
*The Hose – 6690 Derry Street, Harrisburg
Marysville Moose – Marysville
Marysville VFW – Marysville
*Middletown Moose – 100 Mill St., Middletown
*The Pour House – 6200 Derry Street, Harrisburg
*Verhovay Home Association – Harrisburg

* = Diamond table(s)

What PACS has to offer…

  • Skill Levels (2.0-7.5), 26 rule in a fun competitive environment that gives players of all skill levels a chance to win
  • Fair and balanced approach to determining skill levels (use of “half” handicaps allows for more fair match races)
  • Easy method of scorekeeping
  • Comfortable safe “stress free” venues
  • “Ball in hand”/Called shot rules…..eliminates “slop” shots
  • No Annual Membership Fee
  • Individual Tournaments open only to PACS players
  • $8 weekly dues when the player shoots.
  • Awards for individual accomplishments
  • Detailed lifetime individual stats
  • Largest Per Player Cash Payouts Each Session!!!!

League Mission

PA Cue Sports was formed to give the players the alternative that they have been seeking.  We want to give the league back to the players by allowing active players to have a voice with key decisions, and by giving players what they want.

The motivation of the League Manager is not to make a living, rather it is to provide a league where the little things are done right and the big things are done even better. You, the player, should have a voice that is respected, for this is your league!

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