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The PACS 25 Invitational ( for the 8 Ball Fall ‘18 Session) will be held at the Carlisle National Guard Readiness Center (“The Armory”) the weekend of March 22-24, 2019. The address is 502 Cavalry Road, Carlisle, PA. More information will follow as we approach the dates of the tournament.

PACS 25 Results Updated 3/25/19 @ 10:49 AM
PACS 25 Schedule Posted 3/16/19
PACS 25 Rosters Posted 3/16/19
PACS 25 Payouts  Posted 3/17/19
PACS 25 Tournament Guidelines Posted 3/17/19
PACS Singles Tourney (Sunday, March 24) Posted 3/16/19
Invitational Tournament Tiebreakers Posted 3/21/19

CLICK HERE for a recent history of teams that placed (1st-4th) in the money at PACS Invitationals

The Standings below are posted so that players can see how other players performed last session. These are for informational purposes only. The tournament handicaps for the players can be found on the “PACS 25 Rosters” document (above).

Reyes Final Standings (Fall ’18) (Monday)
Solids Final Standings (Fall ’18) (Monday)
Stripes Final Standings (Fall ’18) (Monday)
VanBoening Final Standings (Fall ’18) (Monday)
Mosconi Final Standings (Fall ’18) (Tuesday)NEW TWIST

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