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PA Cue Sports uses the BCAPL Rulebook as a base for its rule set!

Players are encouraged to “keep it friendly” in their interpretations of the rules. Because PACS is an amateur pool league and we don’t have the benefit of a referee overseeing every match, many of the rules are subject to interpretation (while most are very concrete). Keep in mind the “spirit of the rule”. For example, if a player occasionally goes over the 45 second shot clock, but generally averages 20-25 seconds between shots, it’s probably not worth calling them on the infraction. A. They are probably going to argue with you that they didn’t take over 45 seconds and B. They are probably going to start nitpicking things to call you and/or your team on. In this case, the “spirit of the rule” is not to penalize the player who takes 50 seconds on a particular shot, it is to keep the match moving along so everyone can get home at a reasonable hour. On the other hand, if a player is routinely taking 40 seconds on every shot, POLITELY ask him if he could try to speed up his pace of play. You might be surprised how most players or teams will “work with you” if you are polite and reasonable with them. Pool mimics life in that regard.

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