S/L Explanation

Players are designated a S/L based on their overall league performance. Consideration for a players S/L is not done in a vacuum. Each player is compared to the rest of the league in various different averages that are calculated. The system has some built-in safeguards against sandbagging that will only get better over time. If one is seeking to play in a league that will give them or their team an unfair advantage, PACS is not that league.

How a player performs in the Invitationals or a playoff situation is a very important component of a person’s skill level. After all, there is much more at stake in the Invitational, so it only makes sense to weigh Invitational performance more than regular league matches. For example….assume a player normally is a “4” skill level and has a long term average of winning approximately half of their league matches. Yet, their lifetime record in Invitational matches is 15-5 as a 4. That would be an indication to me that something might be amiss and that they might not really be a “4”. Sometimes outside factors are taken into consideration – large tournament wins, success with other leagues, etc. What is important is that each players true S/L is the one that they are currently playing under.

CLICK HERE for the PACS philosophy on skill levels.

CLICK HERE for detailed information on the algorithm that helps determine skill levels.

The league office is willing to review a player’s skill level upon request by that player or his/her captain. The league office does not respond to threats and will almost certainly NOT lower a player’s skill level (even if merited) if that person (or the captain) makes threats or gives ultimatums. This is particularly the case if the person making the threats would benefit by putting his/her team in a more advantageous position. It sends a very bad message if the office shows that it can be intimidated into making decisions about skill levels. PACS will never cater to a few “squeaky wheels” at the expense of the rest of the league. Integrity is paramount.

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