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Congratulations to Rack & Roll for their victory over Castaways to win the PACS 28 8-Ball Invitational!!! Castaways was the defending champion and the two teams agreed to an even money split and to play one match for the title and Jim Boone rack and rolled his way to a 4-1 win (and was undefeated in the tournament) to seal it for his team. Congratulations to both teams and everyone who played in the tournament!!!

CLICK HERE for a full recap of the boards and brackets!!

The PACS invitational for the Fall ‘21 session will be the first weekend in March ( March 4,5,6) at the Marysville VFW.  This is the first available weekend that we could get our table vendor and the venue secured on the same weekend.  More details to follow as we approach the date.

With many large events being postponed/ cancelled due to the Coronavirus, the current plan is to PROCEED with the PACS 28 Invitational in May (although I don’t have an exact date / venue yet). Of course, nobody has a crystal ball to see how much the virus will be affecting our lives two months from now. Some people are treating this like the Spanish Flu while others are treating it as the seasonal flu. The truth definitely lies somewhere in between those extremes. For those teams that qualify for the Invitational and wish not to participate, they will likely be offered some type of a “cash out” for qualifying. I can’t tell you at this time how much that payout will be, but I think treating the Invitational in this manner will offer everyone qualifying an attractive option. Thanks for your understanding.

I am still working on securing a location for the upcoming PACS 28 Invitational. I am TARGETING the weekend of May 8-10 but that is NOT A DEFINITE YET. I don’t anticipate it being before that weekend. I hope to have an official announcement soon.

Congratulations to Castaways for taking down the field in the PACS 27 Invitational!! Castaways and Last Call both won their semifinal matches and agreed to shoot one match for the title. Doug Wagner sealed the victory for Castaways! Both teams agreed to a 50/50 split of the first and second place prize money. PACS 27 was the most competitive Invitational to date as only 4 of the 24 round robin matches were NOT scores of 3-2. Maybe those handicaps are actually working after all. 😆. GREAT shooting everyone and thanks for making this league great!!

CLICK HERE for a recap of the tournament scores / brackets.

Pictured above is Castaways

Pictured above is Last Call

In last nights play-in match, Middletown Moose won 3-2 over Eight Sticks & A Loose Pocket to earn a berth into the PACS 27 Invitational (December 13-15). Congratulations to Middletown Moose, you’re going dancing!!!

Congratulations to Pour House Elite for winning the PACS 26 Invitational!!! They met Silent Assassins in the final and the teams agreed to a 50/50 split of the 1st/2nd place prize money and to play one match for the title. Ron Straw defeated Jim Shafer in a race to 5 to deliver the victory. Great shooting everyone!!!

For full tournament results, CLICK HERE

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