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Hello everyone and I hope that you all are healthy and have been weathering the storm ok. As the state is opening back up for business, I’m sure you are wondering what the plan is for a tentative “start back” date. I’ll attempt to address that question here.

The simple answer is “I don’t know yet”, but here is the longer answer to help you understand my thought process…

It is important that on our “start back” date, that all of the locations that we are playing that night have their tables open, adequate seating, and are allowing us to play league. At this time, I’m not sure exactly what will and will not be permissible by state guidelines. Even if the state is allowing the pool tables to be used, if the bar/ establishment does not want to have league, the ban on league play by the bar will override anything that the state would say regarding the permissibility of league. Knowing that Monday is the night of the week that we are the busiest and thus the most likely to have problems, I would rather have our “start back” date on a Tuesday or a Thursday. I will be attempting to contact all of the bar/establishment owners in the coming days to try to figure out the game plan going forward. In short, IF THE STATE GUIDELINES FOR COUNTIES IN THE “GREEN PHASE” ALLOWS FOR POOL TABLES IN BARS/RESTAURANTS TO BE USED, THERE IS A CHANCE THAT WE WILL START BACK UP NEXT TUESDAY OR THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK. This of course would also assume that the locations for our scheduled matches all decide independently that they also will allow pool league on those nights. I know that most of you are anxious to get back to playing league and hopefully we will be “back at it” soon.

When we do start back up, all teams will be permitted to recycle one player of their own choice as long as the team does not go over the “26.0” rule and the recycled player may not be a “7.5” The recycling team will pick their own player and the player can be recycled at any time (for instance, he/she may play 1st and 2nd if they want). Any team may recycle if they wish EVEN IF THEY HAVE 5 PLAYERS AVAILABLE TO SHOOT. These are unprecedented times, so I’d rather err on the side of being too flexible instead of not flexible enough.

Hopefully this gives everyone a very general idea of what I’m thinking. More details to follow.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

All teams will be permitted to recycle any player of their own (not the opponents) choice at any time during the match until further notice. This applies to both 8 and 9 ball. One player per team may be recycled provided the team meets the 26.0 requirement and no team may recycle a “7.5”. This move is being made to provide flexibility for teams that are having trouble getting 5 players to the match. It is better for a player to stay home if they feel they may be contagious or at high risk of getting sick. A team may recycle even if it has already used its “allowable” 3 recycles for the session. Thanks for your understanding.

The current default rule in PACS is that the “losing player” racks. However, if BOTH PLAYERS AGREE that the winner will rack, that is perfectly fine. Furthermore, the breaking player is entitled to a tight rack. Giving a player a loose rack (whether intentional or just being lazy/in a rush) is unsportsmanlike. The breaking player also has every right to inspect the rack. That’s all. May you never have a dry break again!

As a reminder, teams that do not forfeit any individual matches during the session but also don’t qualify for postseason will have a chance at one of (2) random drawings for $140.  The reason that PACS does this is because forfeits are frowned upon because they create an unfair playing field for teams that don’t get the benefit of wins by forfeit.  If a team forfeits an excessive amount of matches during the home stretch or especially the last match when it is apparent they won’t make the postseason, the message is clear….”We can’t make the playoffs and we don’t care if it creates an uneven playing field for other teams, we’re forfeiting because we care only about ourselves and not the integrity of the league.” If a team or players feel this way, just understand that its going to be real difficult for me as the league operator to wish you future success in the league if you don’t care about having some integrity.  ( In other words, YOU’LL BE HURTING YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING MONEY IN THE FUTURE IN PACS.)  Do the right thing and have some integrity.  If you cant get some satisfaction by being a spoiler and beating a team that is fighting for a playoff spot, you might not have a pulse.  Thanks for reading.

I’ve had a chance to discuss the “pace of play” post from a few days ago with some of the PACS players.  The main objective of the post is to make players aware of their pace so that everyone can try to get home at a reasonable time.  As mentioned, I understand that some games and some matches are going to take a long time if the match goes to the hill and there are many safes being played.  However, there are some things that can be done to try to speed up the night which shouldn’t hinder the more deliberate players.  Here are a few…

  1.  Be ready to shoot when your inning starts.  (Drink your beer, chalk your cue if you carry your own chalk, etc while your opponent is at the table).  If you are breaking, break the balls when the “racker” has racked and has walked away from the table.
  2. Try to have a game plan as to who the next shooter will be.  I realize that 50% of the time, you will be reacting to what the other team does but you should still have a game plan.  An NFL team would not go to the draft without trying to have some sort of game plan ahead of time of what their needs are.
  3. Pay attention to the match when it is not your turn at the table.  Try to strategize in your mind ahead of time so that when you walk to the table, you are already familiar with the table layout, your “trouble balls”, your opponents trouble balls, etc.  If you ever watch professionals play, they are watching intently when their opponent is at the table.
  4. Try to get your smoke break, bathroom break, chicken wings, etc out of the way before the next match starts if there is any possibility that you might be playing next.

If there is a physical reason that causes a player to take a little longer to get around the table, take more bathroom breaks, etc, most players are going to be understanding of that.  Where players lose their patience is when they see a player being slow because they are not doing the things mentioned above.   I don’t know of any one “homerun” idea that is going to knock one hour off of the length of the night.  But if we can get lots of singles, we may be able to shorten the night by 30-45 minutes.   That time saving can make a big difference to the person who has to get up at 6:00 the next morning.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


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