The Rumors Really Need To Stop

I have been hearing lots of untruths lately about me and/ or the league.  There are people in the league who love to stir the pot or maybe they get some type of thrill or feeling of importance when they can “break news” on things…..even if it’s not true.  BE CAREFUL OF RUMORS THAT YOU HEAR BECAUSE 99% of the time, the rumors I’m hearing aren’t true.  Also, consider the source.  Whether it be stories about handicaps, something that recently happened, or whatever…..And if you are one of these people who is starting these rumors or adding fuel to the fire…..YOU ARE  HURTING YOURSELF.  LET ME REPEAT….YOU ARE HURTING YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITY TO HAVE SUCCESS IN THE LEAGUE.  Staying on my good side will improve your chances of having success in the league.   I’m not asking for you to like me, I’m only asking that you don’t start or perpetuate lies about me and/ or the league.   There is a saying that you should believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.  That’s probably good advice.  Also realize that there are at least two sides to every story.  Before you perpetuate a lie about me or the league, please do me the courtesy of getting my side of the story first.  I’m a phone call or a text away.

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