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Reminder to stay within the “26.0” cap when setting your lineup. Once a team goes over the “26.0” cap, any additional matches played will be scored as a loss (and a 0-10 loss in 9 ball). The team that is the beneficiary will receive .7 wins and .3 losses in 8 ball. In 9 ball, the beneficiary team will receive a 7-3 win. In both cases, the beneficiary team does not have to pay the $8 for the match. The forfeiting team is always responsible to pay for any matches that it forfeits.

It is in the leagues best interests for team and players to show proper sportsmanship with one another. If a situation arises in which most of a team will be absent for some reason, it is acceptable for the teams to coordinate a makeup date for the match to be played (IF BOTH TEAMS AGREE). The league office should be kept “in the loop” if this is done and the makeup match must be played in a reasonable amount of time. It is also acceptable to play the makeup match over the span of a couple of days (For example….A Monday match scheduled for a particular week might be played the following week on a Wednesday and a Friday IF BOTH TEAMS AGREE). Again, please keep the league office “in the loop” on this.

Any “house rules” supersede league rules. For example, if an establishment does not allow “jump shots”, that rule applies to both teams (not just the away team). If the establishment has a sign posted saying “no jump shots” but they choose not to enforce that rule for league players, it is up to the home team to advise the visiting team BEFORE EACH MATCH that the rule does not apply to league players. If the visiting team isn’t notified BEFORE THE MATCH, jumping will not be permitted for the match.

Some teams have become habitually late in paying league dues. Teams that are more than $80 in arrears will be listed in red with NO EXCEPTIONS. Players on the team deserve to know if the team is delinquent as it may affect the teams good standing and the team may be close to having penalty points assessed. It is not difficult or time consuming to make a $40 payment.

Detailed explanations of how the handicapping is calculated can be found on this website under the “Registration-Skill Level Info” header. PACS uses a similar approach that Fargo Rate uses in determining rankings for professionals. As a player plays more matches and has a larger set of data going into the algorithm , their handicap becomes a more reflective “batting average” of their win rate. With each passing week, I become more confident in the accuracy of the leagues handicaps as a whole because as “newer” players play more PACS matches, the handicaps of the “new players” are more likely to be indicative of their true long term “batting average” (if they are not sandbagging aka “cheating”). Will there always be SOME players attempting to sandbag? Absolutely. The chances of any player or team getting away with it for any length of time are slim. A league is only as good as its ability to resist sandbagging. If I ever do not believe in the accuracy of the handicapping system of the league, I will step away as I have no interest in being “like the other leagues” in that regard.

There is a lot of important information listed at the bottom of the weekly standings that all players (and especially captains) should be aware of. Please read this so that you are not “in the dark” about things.

Thanks for reading, hit em straight!

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