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Have you ever noticed how some shooters just have that natural “it” factor? They can position the cue ball almost perfectly on every shot. And even when they do get slightly out of position, they simply make their next shot and “snap” right back into place. Guess what??? It’s not “natural”. They have put in countless hours of practice. The saying ” Practice makes perfect” is only half true. The full truth is ” PERFECT practice makes perfect”. Highly skilled players have put in many many hours of perfect practice. It’s “Quality x Quantity”. “Q Squared”. They have also watched highly skilled players play. They’ve asked questions. They’ve soaked in what other top players do like a sponge. Knowledge is power. Knowledge produces wins. Pool is not unlike anything else in life. You will get out what you put in. If the extent of your shooting is showing up for league night and either not playing a single game ( because you aren’t in the lineup that night), or only playing the 3-6 games in your match that night, it’s probably not reasonable to think you are going to improve your game very much. So what are you waiting for? Get practicing!

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