Slow Play???

Players are reminded to be considerate of everyone involved ( their team, the other team, their opponent, the establishment) in regards to pace of play. Things that can be done to speed up play include, but are not limited to………

– Policing not only the opposing team, but your own team as well.
– Starting the match early (IF BOTH ACTING CAPTAINS AGREE).
– Limiting the number of times that “slow” players play.
– Not wasting time between matches.
– Playing on multiple tables if possible.

Some of the establishments that we play are staying open longer than their normal closing time to accommodate us (and are not happy about it). Let’s not wear out our welcome. Remember, we are guests in the establishments that we are playing and there is no reason that a pool league night should be going until 12:30 AM or beyond. Thanks for your understanding.

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