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Players are reminded to conform to PACS league rules when playing PACS matches. PACS uses the BCAPL rules which are widely considered to be the most comprehensive and accurate rule set in billards. There are a few PACS exceptions to the BCAPL rules. Both (BCAPL rule set & PACS Regulations) can be found on the website. Technically, any violation of a rule carries a penalty if the opposing team wants to enforce it. However, most teams/players are there to have fun and are willing to let some rule violations “slide” if it does not have any effect on the game. An example would be picking up a cue ball that is slowly rolling after it is obvious that the opponent fouled and that the cue ball is not going to contact another ball. The same applies to picking up a rolling cue ball after the 8 ball has been legally pocketed and it’s obvious that the cue ball isn’t going to drop in a pocket. If you violate ANY rules, do so at your own risk. As I said, the opposing team has the right to enforce any and all rule violations. Personally, I would consider an enforcement of a rule violation that isn’t possibly going to have the outcome on a shot or game to be nitpicky. Keeping this in mind, there are other rule violations that should absolutely be enforced. An example would be marking the table with a piece of chalk to line up a bank shot. Grabbing a rolling object ball that has accidentally been moved and placing it back is also a clear violation that could have an effect on the outcome of a game. The best practice is to familiarize yourself with the rules and follow them to the tee to eliminate any potential conflicts. And when in doubt, don’t do anything spur of the moment that could be a rule violation. It is always OK to ask your opponent about a rule if you are unsure. I understand that many players are highly competitive and don’t like to lose. I hate losing. With that said, all PACS players are expected to act like mature reasonable adults and to respect others. Especially others who share the same passion for pool that they do!

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