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Since we are starting the new 9 Ball session tonight and there will be some fresh faces that are new to PACS, just a reminder that aside from timeouts, any disputes are supposed to be resolved between the players who are shooting the match. It is the player’s responsiblity to be paying attention to what his opponent is doing at the table and to recognize any fouls that his opponent commits. A teammate who is not involved in playing the match may not call a foul on the opponent of his player. A timeout may be called to advise the player that it is believed the opponent committed a foul. But ultimately, it is still between the shooters playing the match and the call goes to the shooter if the two sides do not agree. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, a captain SHOULD notify his own player if he believes that his own player committed a foul. After all, if a captain tells his own player that he believes that his own player committed a foul, it’s a pretty safe bet that he did. The penalty for player(s) who are not involved in playing the match calling a foul on the opposing team’s player IS A FOUL (UNLESS AN AVAILABLE TIMEOUT IS CALLED). This includes talking amongst each other loud enough so that the player at the table can hear what they are saying. For that matter, teammates who are not playing the match should never be discussing things that could be construed as giving advice to their player who is currently in the middle of their “inning”. This applies to 8 Ball and 9 Ball. Happy shooting and have fun!

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