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The topic of how forfeits should be handled has become a hot topic of late and was discussed at length at the Captain’s meeting last night. All sides presented their case and in the end, we had a vote to see how they should be handled going forward. It’s important to note that no matter what was decided, there is likely to be a team or teams at the end of the session that feel they weren’t given a “fair shake” because team A got “x” forfeit wins and team B didn’t get any forfeit wins. It was voted on after all sides made their case and this is what was decided….

All team captains are always responsible for paying $35 each week unless that team has a scheduled bye.

When a team forfeits any individual match, they will receive a loss for that individual match.

When a team forfeits an individual match, the opposing team receives a win for that individual match.

In the event that a team fails to produce even a single player in any given week, the opposing team will receive a 5-0 win for that week.

In the event that a team would simply quit playing altogether midway through the session ( obviously this is discouraged ), the scheduled opposing team would receive a 5-0 win each week.

As an example, a team play the first 6 weeks and gets off to a bad start going 8-22. That team doesn’t produce a single player for any of the scheduled matches for the rest of the session. The opposing scheduled team for the rest of the session would receive a 5-0 win each week and would be responsible for the $35 for all of the forfeit wins.

There also will be a cash incentive to keep teams from forfeiting matches throughout the session. For any team that does not make the postseason, but doesn’t forfeit any matches throughout the session…that team will get their name thrown into a hat for a random drawing to win $400.

Teams will be allowed to recycle one player each week ( except the last 2 weeks of the schedule) provided that

A. They let the other team know at the start of the match that they may need to recycle a player

B. They meet the “25” rule.

C. They let the opposing player pick the player to be recycled.

D. Player can’t be higher than a “4” skill level.

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