9 Ball Wildcard Results

In last nights’s 9 ball wildcard playoff matches, we had a blowout and a nailbiter. Rowdy Friends rained down on Hose’n Heroes 25-11 and 9 Ya Business came back from a 7-3 deficit and clawed their way back to clean up the Busboys 25-23 (Both winning teams with 25 points won without going to 26 as they had both won the tiebreaker….at least 3 individual match wins). Next Thursday, Rowdy Friends plans to raise a ruckus on Racketeers and 9 Ya Business meets Silent Assassins to determine who will play in the Finals. Congrats to all the teams and good luck in your playoff runs!! Sorry for all the metaphors, now you know why I am not a sports columnist 🙂

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