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Because of the way that we structure our postseason in 9 Ball (and the uncertainties of who will be playing in the Championship in week 2) when the schedule is being built the week prior, it is difficult if not impossible to make sure that all teams have an equal number of home and away matches each session, or that some teams might not have 2 byes for 2 sessions in a row, that the team that Team A played once last session and once this session were both away matches against that same team, that a team might not have 3-4 away matches in a row, etc etc. (Sorry for the run-on sentence). It’s kind of like solving a puzzle and I haven’t figured out how to solve it so that everything works perfectly. I try my best to give priority to making sure that if a team plays another team twice in the first 17 weeks (since the seeding week 18 can’t be scheduled until week 17 is finished), one is home, one is away. I also try to make sure all “1 bye” teams have the same amount of home and away matches through week 17. In short, I’ll do my best to make everyone happy but it won’t always happen. I haven’t figured out how to do that. Try to be patient with me, I’m doing my best. We are lucky that we play in nice locations with nice pool tables so we should all be grateful for that. The 9 ball schedule will be posted by the end of the day today Sunday 12/17/23.

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