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PACS League

PA-Cue-Sports-Logo-300x141PA Cue Sports is a rapidly growing INDEPENDENT pool league based in Harrisburg PA.

What’s great about being independent?

It means that the League Operator doesn’t have to share profits with a corporate office located in another part of the country.

That means there are more funds available to pay larger purses at the tournaments!

Currently, we offer 8 Ball on Monday or Tuesday nights. 9 Ball is played on Thursdays.

I got involved with operating PACS Pool league because I didn’t think the other leagues were returning nearly enough value back to the players.  PACS is an alternative league for players who wish to be appreciated, treated fairly and would like to see a large portion of their weekly dues returned to them.  Look no further!!

After each league session (generally about 16 weeks), the top PACS teams play each other in a tournament format for HUGE CASH PAYOUTS. Quite simply, PACS pays back MUCH more to the players, dollar for dollar, than the other popular leagues in the area.  No smoke and mirrors in this league.  Just good old fashioned green…..and LOTS of it!

By a landslide, the largest per player cash payouts of any league in the area. TEAM PAYOUTS (not including individual awards) FOR THE FALL ’15 8 BALL SESSION WAS  11,800   $13,000 !!!!!!!!

That’s not too shabby for a league with 39  (and growing fast) 8 ball teams!!! Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  Tired of paying money into a pool league and not receiving anything back in return?  You work hard for your money, shouldn’t your pool league work hard for you??

Finally…a league which you have a REALISTIC chance to win some serious cash!!! Not like other leagues in which you have about the same chance of hitting the lottery as you do of earning any serious cash!

CLICK HERE for a printable PACS advertisement flyer!

PACS is paying $100 $150 ( be it to the referring “salesman”, the incoming captain, or a combination of both) for each new 8 ball team next session!!! ( Certain conditions apply)

Here are just a “few” of the great benefits of playing in PACS…

Skill Levels (2-7), 25 rule in a fun competitive environment that gives players of all skill levels a chance to win. PACS doesn’t believe in artificially assigning inflated handicaps so that teams must “split up” every few sessions.

PACS believes that all teams should have a chance to be competitive…even if the team isn’t stacked with “heavy hitters”. The purpose of a “handicap” league is to make less seasoned players (and teams) competitive.

Large cash payouts for teams that win their division
– Random drawings for large cash payout for teams that don’t qualify for the postseason.
Extremely fair handicapping system by use of sophisticated algorithmic program, charting techniques, and probability/trend analysis to weed out “sandbagging”
Easy method of scorekeeping
– Comfortable safe “stress free” venues  (Many have DIAMOND pool tables)
No Annual Membership Fee
No added fee for paying via Paypal. Do you pay more to shop with your credit card??   It’s my (not your) cost of doing business!!!
– $7 weekly dues when the player shoots.
– Personalized Plaques for MVPs
We won’t imprison you. PACS doesn’t believe in forcing players to continue to play to be eligible to play in a team tournament that their team has already qualified for in a previous session that has ended. PACS is confident enough in the product that players won’t want to go elsewhere after playing in PACS.

Know someone who plays or played in PACS??  Ask them what they think.  Have any concerns?  Contact me and allow me to alleviate those concerns!

If you are interested in joining please Click Here for more information.

Current players should use the POSTS AND UPDATES section or browse the Posts by Category for up to date league info. Also, please sign up for the email updates to keep up to date on what is happening!

Taste the difference at PACS!!!