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Hello all,

If anyone would have told me almost 5 months ago that we’d be forced to suspend league for more than a couple months due to the coronavirus, I would have thought they were crazy. And yet, here we are. If there was a fair way to pay out the money for the prorated session, I would do that so that we could just “start fresh” with a new session. Unfortunately, I don’t know that option exists without upsetting (justifiably) many of the teams that would think they were being “short changed”. Therefore, we will wait until the session is completed before any monies are paid out. Because so much time has elapsed, it will likely be difficult for some teams to field a team of even 4 players per week once we resume. These are very unusual times that we are in, so unusual remedies will be used to help us once league resumes. As more and more time elapses, players have changes in their lives that may make it difficult if not impossible to resume league play for those players.

When league resumes, all teams will be permitted to recycle (2) players of their own choice each week for the remainder of the 8 ball session. They must still meet the “26.0” rule and a “7.5” may not be recycled. A player can not be recycled 3 times in a given match. The recycling can be done any time during the match and a player can be recycled back to back. The recycling team will choose the player(s) they wish to recycle and they may recycle even if they have other available options of players to shoot. I have thought in depth about this and I believe it is the best way to proceed. We will likely be allowing all teams to recycle (1) player of their choosing each week when we start the new 8 ball session with the above “relaxed” rules in effect.

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to resuming as soon as the government and bars/restaurants give us the “green light”.

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