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The Fargo Rating System is a system designed to rank pool players internationally based on their ability to win games. It is a well tested system that has been around for awhile and is gaining in acceptance as the premier way to rank players internationally. It is designed so that a player in Boise, Idaho with a 529 Fargo rating is equally skilled at winning as the 529 rated player in Ann Arbor, Michigan (So that if they played 1000 games against each other, they are each going to win roughly 48-52% of the games). It is the rating system used by professionals and amateurs around the globe. It has limitations as does any rating system but it is shown to be highly accurate AS LONG AS PLAYERS HAVE ENOUGH GAMES PLAYED that have been submitted to Fargo Ratings. PACS uses a similar approach that Fargo uses. It’s not identical but I believe that a PACS player that has at least 200 8 Ball games played in PACS can now have a fairly close estimate as to what their Fargo rating would be. The assumption of course is that the player has been “giving their all” in every game played. Players who have less than 200 games can still have a “PACS Fargo” rating, but the rating becomes more accurate as the player has more games played in PACS. For anyone interested in their “PACS Fargo” rating, contact me and I will be happy to provide this information to you. For players who have been in the league a long time and have many hundreds of games played, I will give you your rating based on a more recent period since it is possible that a player who started playing in PACS in 2014 has gotten much better and those games should not be considered in the current evaluation of a players ability to win.

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