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Teams are reminded that forfeits of even an individual match should be avoided at all costs. It is not good for the league and creates unfairness. I understand that towards the end of the session, some teams face an uphill battle in trying to qualify for the tournament. Unfortunately, everyone can not win. You are still expected to fulfill your obligations for the session. Going forward, forfeits will be handled as follows. The team that forfeits any individual match will receive a loss for that match. The captain will still be responsible for paying for any matches that his team loses due to forfeit. The opposing team will NOT receive credit for a win for any matches that the opposing team forfeited. The captain will NOT be responsible for paying for any matches that the opposing team forfeited. You will notice that for last night’s match between High Top Left and Hustlers and Babes, Hustlers and Babes lost the match 2-3. This is because they played 2 matches and won both of those, but forfeited the other 3 matches. High Top Left simply gets a 0-2 loss since the 2 matches that they played were both lost. They DID NOT get credit for the 3 matches that were forfeited by Hustlers And Babes.

Tuesday Week 16 Standings

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