Sportsmanship / Suspensions are Likely Coming

Suspensions are likely coming for players who I frequently hear (or see with my own eyes) complaints about. Infractions include but are not limited to….

Calling people names, making fun of their appearance, temper tantrums at the table ( typically when losing and the player just begins banging balls hard with no desire to win. SIDENOTE… If a player frequently exhibits that they’re not trying to win, it will definitely be taken into consideration for handicapping purposes), not shaking hands or acknowledging the opponent after the match, threatening or bullying, cheating, blatant sharking, and in general just being disruptive and making everyone around them nauseous. Saying “I’m kidding” after this type of behavior is the same as helping someone up after you’ve just punched them in the face. Nobody is buying it and especially not me. I’m not going to get into discussions as to why this person was suspended and this person was not. “Frequently” does not mean “more often than not”, it means “ more often than the very wide majority of people in the league”. This is a league designed for mature adults to have a fun night out without all the drama that about 5% of the players are guilty of. I’m not even interested in hearing “the other side of the story” from these players. If many people are complaining about one particular person, that one particular person is guilty. End of story and there are no exceptions.

Suspensions may range from 1-2 weeks to a possible permanent ban from the league. Players who are suspended will be highlighted and it will be noted on the standings. I strongly recommend that anyone reading this share with anyone they think might be “ walking the line “. Captains are encouraged to share this post with all members of their team. If any captains are wondering if any of their players are in good standing, I encourage them to contact me and I’ll give my full assessment. It’s a pretty safe bet that the captains already know who their “drama queens” are but if they’d like to hear it from me, I can do that too. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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