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Going forward, all players should understand that I will no longer be tolerating bad actors who commonly exhibit poor sportsmanship. If I routinely hear complaints about you, you are a bad actor. It’s very simple. Admittedly in the past, I would sometimes cut certain players some slack if I thought that banning that player might result in the loss of a team or even an entire division (if the division was small and losing a team would result in losing the division). THIS WILL NO LONGER BE THE CASE AT ALL. Some players will almost certainly be getting banned unless they can learn to be adults. If you think that this might apply to you, it probably does. If anyone thinks I’m not serious about this, I encourage you to try me so that we can expedite the process of cleaning up the league. To the other 98% of the shooters, thank you for making the league fun.

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  • It is said that sports do not build character, they reveal it. On Sunday, I revealed an ugly part of my character after something as minor (though it surely didn’t seem it at the time) as missing a few pool shots. While I’m often good at channeling my focus and intensity and using them to my advantage, Sunday morning was not my finest hour.

    To Kyle, Travis, and the rest of the League Champion 8 Sticks & A Loose Pocket, I issue both a sincere apology for my outburst and sincere congratulations for ripping through that tournament.

    To the 8-Balls, my team, I’m sorry for acting like a douchebag, even if it was just one flash. I offer no excuses, just a promise to comport myself better.

    Finally, to Ed, I’m sorry for being among the reasons you thought this post was necessary. I’ll say the same to you: no excuses, just a real apology and a pledge to represent the league better.

    • It’s all good Rob, and it’s nice that you apologized. My post wasn’t entirely directed at any one person and not at all at you. I’ve never heard any complaints about your sportsmanship so have no reason to believe it’s a pattern with you. Most of us have “lost our cool” at some point or another. All we can all do is apologize, learn from our mistakes and see that it doesn’t continue to happen. It’s kind of like making a mistake at the workplace. You apologize and try not to make that mistake again. And hope the sum total of your mistakes isn’t enough to get you fired. 🙂

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