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The PACS handicapping system does consider scoresheet data when determining handicaps. It also looks for other unusual patterns that other handicapping systems do not consider. For this reason, the PACS handicapping system is superior to the other large handicap leagues. These trends or patterns are very easy to spot. Let me repeat that. These trends are very easy to spot. Having played in handicapped pool leagues, there’s not a sandbagging technique that I haven’t seen. Combine that with an advanced algorithm and someone who knows a thing or two about probabilities and statistics and the result is a pretty good handicapping system that spots sandbagging better than other leagues. I’m sorry to toot my own horn… everyone is good at something. Unfortunately, I’m equally bad at numerous things. I can be fooled for a little while, but I will catch up. That’s a promise. When I do, it will work against players who are trying to game the system. As mentioned previously, if someone is seeking a pool league that they can try to “game” the system, PACS is not that league. I am not going to knowingly let certain players destroy the integrity of the league. This post is not directed to any particular individuals, but I have seen some very unusual things in recent weeks. I’m not as dumb as I look.

CLICK HERE for the PACS philosophy on skill levels.

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