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There are some players in the league who are sandbagging (cheating). That happens in any handicapped pool league. I will do my best to spot those cheaters (it might take some time) and eventually their handicap on paper will match their skill level IN CRITICAL SITUATIONS WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO WIN. As I have mentioned before, there is nothing that a player or team can think of when it comes to cheating that I haven’t thought of. While sandbagging is a problem, it is not a huge problem unless it is an epidemic on a particular team or teams. A team with numerous cheaters is a cancer to the league.  It lessens the product of the league and you can be sure that I take it personal.   If it is determined by OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that a particular player or players are a major contributing factor to a culture of sandbagging for a particular team, they risk banishment (being “fired”) from the league without any prior notice.  The decision will be final and no further discussion or negotiations on the matter will take place. No s#@ts will be given that the player will not agree or be happy about it.  I will not run a league that caters to cheaters or squeaky wheels. I have the utmost confidence that the PACS handicapping system is better than the other large handicap leagues. It is not perfect (no system is) because only the shooter knows on every shot what they are trying to accomplish on that shot. Other handicap systems do not look at the probabilities of certain things happening or extreme abnormalities within a player or teams statistics that are about as likely to happen as hitting the powerball. I’m not sure how someone can cheat and feel good about themselves. What a gargantuan waste of time it would be spend many hours every session to play in a pool league and do something that you love (shoot pool) and dumb down your game in the attempt to possibly win a few hundred dollars. If you need money that bad, you’d be better off getting a minimum wage part time job as the hourly rate pays better. I’m not an idiot. The sooner some of you realize that and give up on the cheating, the better off you will be. If you are a cheater, I don’t want you in the league. The other players in the league don’t want you in the league either. You probably should find another league to play in that will cater to cheaters if that’s what you are seeking because PACS is not that league. Please go ruin another league (not PACS) if you are a cheater.

CLICK HERE for more proof that I’m not an idiot.

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