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Any additions to a team’s roster should be communicated to the opposing team before the coin toss to start the match. If this is not communicated to the opposing team, they are under no obligation to let that new player play on that night.

Regarding the recycling rule, I wanted to reiterate the rule as stated in the “PACS Regulations” which can be found on the website under the “Captains Area” header…

1. The purpose of the recycling rule is to allow teams to avoid individual forfeits throughout the session.
2. This rule is not meant to be used to the recycling teams advantage and should be used last.
3. This rule may not be invoked during the last two weeks of a regularly scheduled session.
4. May never be used during PACS tournaments.
5. One player per team may play twice during the same league match provided:
1. The opposing team selects the player, and
2. The player selected will not cause a violation of the 25 rule, and
3. The maximum S/L of the recycled player may not exceed (4).
6. If the only eligible recycled player must leave early, then the recycled match can be played early.

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