Central PA’s Pool Leagues

The PACS XII Invitational (which is for the current session being played) will be held at the Marysville Moose on the weekend of July 18-19 (and 20th if necessary). On the Monday and Tuesday immediately following the end of the session, the (3) “play-in” matches will be played. Two of the matches will be played on that Monday, and one on Tuesday. After those play-in matches are played, there will be 8 teams remaining and they will then play in a round robin format similar to the recent Invitationals. To be assured that a team will be playing the weekend of July 18, a team must finish either in the top 3 teams on Monday, or the top 2 teams on Tuesday. And of course, the top Monday team will receive $800 and the top Tuesday team will receive $400 in addition to getting the bye.

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