Central PA’s Pool Leagues

The PACS INVITATIONAL 14 will be held at the Marysville Moose beginning Friday, February 13th. Reminder that 12 teams will play that weekend in the round robin format. After the 3 rounds of round robin are completed, the top team from each of the 3 boards will advance to the Semifinals. One additional wildcard team with the next best record will also advance. In the event that there is a tie ( same win/loss MATCH record throughout round robin play) for the last remaining wildcard spot among teams playing in separate boards at the tournament, the team that is the highest seeded team at the start of the tournament will advance. This is one additional incentive for teams to always do their best ( otherwise known as “not sandbag”) throughout the session. More details about the tournament will become available as we get closer to the dates of the tournament.

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