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I am very happy to announce that the PA Army National Guard Readiness Center ( The “Armory”) in Carlisle has agreed to have us back again for the PACS 19 Invitational on the weekend of December 2-4. The last of the “play-in” matches will not be played this session until October 24, so it would not be possible to have it before then. The next 5 weekends after that date (Oct. 24) are not an option because of overlapping large pool tournaments (TAP Titleholders, Central PA Bar Box Open), unavailability of the Armory, and Thanksgiving weekend. I do not want to schedule the Invitational any later than the weekend of December 2 simply because it has already been pushed back quite a bit from the ending of the regular sessions. More information will be made available as we approach the dates of the Invitational.

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