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These are the boards for the upcoming PACS 15th Invitational. NOTE THAT ALL TEAMS MUST HAVE THEIR $100 ENTRY FEE PAID BY JUNE 12 (NOT JUNE 13) TO RESERVE THEIR SPOT. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. $60 of the entry fee will be returned provided that the team does not forfeit any matches in the Round Robin play. If I have not received the entry fees by that date, the next highest seeded team will replace any team(s) that did not pay their entry fee by the deadline.

All teams that participate in the Invitational will play (3) Round Robin Matches. If any teams would like to try to play one of their matches early, I am not opposed provided that I have received the $100 entry fee from both teams prior to the match being played. We have many host locations with Diamond tables that would probably be glad to host a match prior to June 26. Note that if this option is chosen, the players will shoot at their “skill level” as of that date and that their skill level could possibly move up or down for the conclusion of the tournament to be completed the weekend of June 26.

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