Central PA’s Pool Leagues

If any teams want to add new players, they are expected to gather as much pertinent information as they can about the player so that I can attempt to start them at the appropriate skill level.  ALL NEW PLAYERS SHOULD BE ASKED IF THEY HAVE EVER PLAYED IN A HANDICAPPED LEAGUE. IF SO, WHAT WAS THEIR MOST RECENT HANDICAP? WHAT LEAGUE? WHEN DID THEY PLAY? NON-HANDICAPPED LEAGUE?  DO THEY CASH IN TOURNAMENTS? WHAT IS THEIR FULL CORRECTLY SPELLED NAME (YES, I’M SERIOUS)?  Not asking the above questions does not relieve you of the duty to tell me the correct answers to the above questions.  If it is found that a team or new player  is purposely withholding information from me (which includes not asking the necessary questions), they will be dealt with accordingly including the possibility of having penalty points assessed.    I will also be less “generous” when assigning skill levels to “unknown” players as the session ages to prevent a team from adding potentially under ranked player(s) late in the session to give their team an unfair advantage over other teams.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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