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I know that I sometimes sound like a broken record when talking about handicaps, but I can’t help myself. PACS is not a league for sandbaggers. I have no interest in rewarding teams that can manipulate their handicaps the best in order to win at the tournament. I’ll leave that to the other leagues. Let me make myself very clear. There are some players in the league who are not going to go below their current handicap unless they prove to me that they can’t win in critical situations in tournaments when money is on the line (and not when their team has been effectively eliminated in the tournament). I have seen enough from certain players that I know that they are currently at their “floor” handicap. Nothing will change that unless they demonstrate that they can’t win in critical situations. If a team thinks that they can have one player on the team tank matches to move down because the rest of the team is doing well enough to afford them that luxury, think again. I’ll notice it, I promise. This is not directed at any one player or team. A team that tanks matches right before a tournament in an effort to move down in handicap…..I’ll notice that too. I promise that there is nothing that any player or team can think of to manipulate their handicap(s) that I haven’t already thought of. This is not directed towards any particular player or team. Rather, it is a notice to players or teams that if you want to do well (or even make the tournament), the best recipe for success in PACS is to always try to win and to practice and get better. Happy shooting.

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