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Don’t forget, the $160 entry fees for the Invitational are due by THIS WEDNESDAY 1/17. This deadline will be enforced as plenty of notice was given that this would be the “due” date. This entry fee will be refunded after the Invitational to all teams that do not forfeit more than (1) match per round robin match. The purpose of this entry fee is to prevent forfeits (which are very bad for the tournament) and to let me know that your team is serious about being present for the tournament. Since other team(s) will be invited to backfill for those teams that did not pay their entry fee in time, I must give those other teams plenty of notice as some teams have players who may not be available for the weekend due to work schedule or some other reason. The moral of the story here is that the 1/17 deadline is a very real deadline for good reason. Thanks for your cooperation.

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