Central PA’s Pool Leagues

For the upcoming Summer ‘22 Sessions, there are a couple changes in store.

1. For 8 and 9 Ball, a player will have to have played at least 7 ( up from “6”) matches during the session to be qualified for postseason.

2. An 8 on Break will no longer be considered as a win. If an 8 on break is made, the breaker gets the choice to spot the 8 and continue shooting, or may have the balls racked again and re-break. In the event that an 8 on break is made coupled with a foul, the OPPONENT may either spot the 8 and receive “ball in hand” or may have the balls re-racked and break. Most of the PACS rules are modeled after the BCA rules and this will now also follow the direction of the BCA rule in regards to “8 on break”.

Thanks for your understanding and be sure to spread the word to your PACS family.

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