Central PA’s Pool Leagues

We are still looking to complete a couple Thursday 9 Ball rosters if anyone is interested. It will be a league in which the opponents will be “racing” to a number of points which is determined by their respective skill level. For example…if a “4” is playing against a “5”, the “4” would need to get to 30 points before the “5” gets to 39 points. Each 1-8 pocketed ball is one point, the 9 is worth 2 points. Other leagues have used similar formats and players seem to like it as it usually guarantees that both players will get some “table time” to make it worth their dues. This will be a “laid back” league. Since we are just getting started, the two top teams will play for the money at the end of the session. As the division grows and more teams are playing, we will have end of session tournaments similar to the 8 Ball Invitationals. We are hoping to get started next Thursday, Jan. 9. If you don’t want to make the commitment right away, come and checkout a match to see if it’s something you might enjoy!

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