Whining About Handicaps

The Handicapping System that PACS uses is results driven, just like a batting average. If you showed me a baseball player who had a perfect textbook swing but has a career batting average of .220, he is not a .230 or a .240 hitter. He is a .220 hitter. There is no pool handicapping system that prevents any player from frequently playing better or worse than their long term average. Let me repeat. THERE IS NO POOL HANDICAPPING SYSTEM THAT PREVENTS ANY PLAYER FROM FREQUENTLY PLAYING BETTER OR WORSE THAN THEIR LONG TERM AVERAGE. Similarly, a .220 hitter will sometimes go 3 for 4 in a baseball game and may even have a stretch of games where he bats .300. If any player has an issue with a persons handicap, my phone number is 717-514-7759. I’ll be happy to have a civilized discussion with anyone about a persons handicap or how the algorithm works. If it is a player who has been in the league for a long time, I will likely be able to provide a mountain of evidence as to why their handicap (batting average) is correct. If anyone wants to call me to whine or to tell me that the PACS handicapping system doesn’t work, don’t bother. There is a list of former PACS players who used to whine about handicaps. They are now banned and will not be coming back as long as I’m in charge. As a captain, it is your job to make sure that your players are not acting like petulant children. If you condone such behavior, you are every bit as guilty of bad sportsmanship for condoning it. If any person or team would like to pull themself out of the league immediately because they can’t act like adults, I will grant their request immediately. As a captain, if you don’t think you can appeal to a persons want or need to act like an adult, perhaps you can appeal to their desire to want to win by telling them that if they are the frequent cause of complaints, they are on my “bad sport” list of players and are at best, hurting the teams chances to win and at worst, are soon to be banned. The algorithm determines handicaps, but I have the ability to override them. Staying on my good side will help your team to have success over the jerks. Like most people, I don’t like to see jerks have success. Thanks for your understanding.

CLICK HERE for an explanation of the PACS handicapping system.

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