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The Summer ’16 9 Ball Session will be starting up either on 5/12 or 5/19. I will advise in the next few days. There are a few minor changes for next session…

1. The “8” skill level has been replaced with the “M7”. For purposes of the “25 rule”, the M7 will only count as a 7. For example, a team can now play a lineup of M7,5,5,5,3.

2. The race for an “M7” has changed ever slightly. Please make sure you are using the current copy of the score sheet with the revised “race grid”. These score sheets can be found on the website.

3. In the past, a team that was the beneficiary of a forfeit win would receive 8 points for that win (if they decided to pay for the 8 points). Going forward, the team will receive 7 points if they want to pay the $7. The team that is forfeiting will obviously receive 0 points and will still be responsible for paying the $7.

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