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As we enter the home stretch of the Fall Session, teams are reminded to stay current on their weekly dues. There is no reason that teams should ever get more than 2 weeks behind on their weekly dues. While sympathetic to a captain who might be in a “tough spot” as to their finances, PACS is not the free loan center/local bank. It is recommended that the captain “lean on” his/her players to loan them money instead of PACS. Teams that are in contention to make the postseason and are more than 2 weeks in arrears will risk having to forfeit their next match if dues are not paid. THIS POLICY WILL BE MORE STRINGENT THAN HAS BEEN IN THE PAST. The safest and quickest way to make payment is to either personally deliver cash or to send via Paypal. PACS does not charge any fee for using Paypal and the money is transferred instantly. Dues that are paid via a postdated check will get posted on the later of either A) the date of the check or B) the date the check is received. Thanks for your cooperation.

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