Update On Future Plans

As we continue to practice social distancing and take other measures to limit the spread of the virus, I wanted to give an update on how we will proceed once we get back to “normal”. Once the bars and restaurants are open, the plan is to finish the current session with some relaxation of the recycle rules as mentioned in a previous post. As long as there is enough interest, we will have an end of session tournament ( The Invitational) for those teams that qualify. With everything that is happening, it is possible that some teams might not like the idea of playing in a tournament in close proximity to many people. Much of that may depend on what we are allowed and not allowed to do by government officials. For those teams that qualify for the Invitational but don’t wish to participate, they will be given a “cash out” option. I just wanted to let everyone know what the plan was going forward as I’m sure some of you have thought about it. These are crazy times, but it appears that we may be getting close to a peak and that things will start to calm down….though not immediately. Be safe everyone and continue to take measures to limit the spread and protect others who may be at higher risk. Be part of the solution, not the problem and hopefully we get back to “normal” soon.

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