Central PA’s Pool Leagues

For all of the teams that qualified for the PACS 19 Invitational ( Dec 2-4), don’t forget that I need all tournament entry fees ( $160 per team) received no later than Wednesday 11/16.  This entry fee will be returned after the Invitational  provided that the team did not forfeit more than 1 match in each of the round robin matches.  This is a hard deadline (no forgiveness).  On Thursday 11/17, I will begin offering entries to the highest seeded team(s) that lost their play in match in place of the teams that have not paid their entry fees.  It is the captains responsibility to make sure that the entry fees are received by me no later than Wednesday 11/16.  “In the mail” will not suffice and I am not going to be traveling around to chase payments from captains that decided to wait until the last minute.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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