Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Please remember that the refundable tournament entry fees ($160 per team) are due by this coming Friday February 5.  NO TEAMS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS  except teams that won their division.   For those teams, I can deduct the team entry fee from your winnings for winning the division.  If I have not received any team entry fees by that date, the next highest seeded team(s) that lost their play-in match will be invited in those delinquent team’s absence.    Once I ask another team to fill in, I am not going to renege on my offer to those team(s).  The reason that I am requiring this entry fee now is to give substitute teams enough notice so that their players do not make other plans, can ask for time off from work, etc.  The $160 entry fee will be returned to the teams as long as they don’t forfeit more than 1 individual match per round robin match.

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