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By properly communicating your intentions with your opponent, many of the common controversies between players can be avoided. Communication is a two way street. If you are getting ready to take a shot in which your intention isn’t EXTREMELY obvious, look your opponent in the eyes and tell him your intention. Then make sure that he acknowledges what you said before you take your shot. If your opponent is at the table shooting, you should be paying attention to what is happening at the table. If your opponent is about to take a shot that isn’t obvious, ask him his intention. If you don’t, you are equally at fault by not properly communicating. Is he about to take a shot which may result in a foul? If so, ask someone for a “watch”. Or at the very least, put yourself in a position to clearly see the hit. This does not mean to hover over a shot, but you have every right to get a good view of a shot that could be questionable. Is the ball that he is about to shoot frozen to a rail? If so, make sure that you call it frozen. If it’s not called frozen, its not “frozen” as far as the rule is concerned. By paying attention, and communicating properly, your “pool” experience is sure to be more enjoyable.

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