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We’ve all had those matches that seem to go way past the normal time and the eyelids are getting heavy. In an effort to try to keep those nights from happening, here are some tips on ways to possibly shorten the nights so that you aren’t “stuck” at your match until 1:00 AM or later…

Consider starting the match before 7:00. Obviously, both Captains have to agree to this. But starting 15 or 20 minutes earlier than normal can make a difference.

Keep timeouts within the one minute allowed. Usually, when a team is taking too long for timeouts, they aren’t aware that they are doing it. It’s ok to tell them in a friendly manner that they are going over the allowable time. My recommendation is to be somewhat considerate if it only happens every once in awhile, but if a team is consistently taking 1 1/2 minutes or longer, let them know. Also, monitor your own team and tell them if they are taking too long. Adhering to the timeout time limit can easily shorten the night by 10-15 minutes.

Shot clock. See above. Again…if you don’t want to be “that guy” by warning the opposing team, you can at least speak up and say something to your own player if they are consistently taking too long at the table.

Plan ahead. Before the coin toss, you should know if you are going to “throw blind” or defer. If you know that you are going to “throw blind” if you win the toss, know who you are going to play first and have him/her ready to play. Continue to try to have a plan throughout the night so that you aren’t taking too long to determine which player you want to “put up”.

Again, we all play in league to have fun. But try to be considerate that many people have to get up early the next day and try to save time here and there to shorten the night. A few minutes here and there can add up to a big time savings at the end of the night!

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