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Good morning all. There are a few random pool league things that I wanted to mention in no particular order.

The team entry fee for the upcoming Invitational in October at the Carlisle Hotel will be $160. I know that might sound a little steep, but for an 8 man roster, that comes out to $20 per person. The good news is that the full $160 will be returned to the team provided that they do not forfeit any of the round robin matches in the Invitational. And of course, PACS does not charge any annual membership fee like the other large handicapped leagues in the area.

At the upcoming Invitational, no player will be disqualified for shooting much better than their assigned skill level. However, if a player is shooting MUCH MUCH higher than their assigned skill level, there is the possibility that they could move up for the remainder of their matches for the weekend. I do expect that some players will shoot better than normal. The objective is not to penalize the person who is having a good weekend, rather to be fair to all players participating. I am not going to move anybody up during the Invitational unless I have very strong reason to believe that they are under handicapped.

Going forward and until further notice, there will be a change in how PACS determines skill levels of new players. Unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, new male players will come in as “4”s, new females will come in as “3”s. This seems to be a good starting point when looking at the makeup of PACS existing players. “Strong evidence to the contrary” would be if the player has or is currently playing in a “handicapped” pool league that does not equate to the new PACS guidelines. I will also consider other factors such as success at tournaments, if I know the person and their pool playing ability, or if the team captain tells me that the incoming player should start at a HIGHER (not lower) skill level than a 3 (for females) or 4 (for males). As mentioned in a previous post, the captain still has a responsibility to gather all pertinent information (including their full correctly spelled name) so that I can attempt to bring them in at the appropriate skill level. Furthermore, captains are expected to tell me if a new player on their team should start higher than a “3” (female) or “4”(male). AS a side note, please give me as much notice as possible when adding a new player.

A listing of team captains who are behind in team payments can be found by going to PACS League —–> Overdue Payments. Currently, there are no players listed. Most of you are doing a great job in getting me paid quickly and I appreciate your cooperation.

Happy shooting and hit ’em straight!!!!

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