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The new 8 Ball session will be starting in early February and there are some exciting things happening. I’m happy to announce that we have gotten commitments from 3 APA league teams who will be joining the PACS family next session on Mondays. Several other players or current TAP teams have also expressed interest and will likely be joining PACS. In an effort to promote growth on Tuesdays, MORE THAN HALF of the Tuesday teams that play next session will qualify for the PACS XII Invitational. For example, if we have 6 Tuesday teams playing next session, 4 of them (67%) will qualify for postseason. With the tournament payouts expected to grow significantly next session, that is a powerful incentive. If there are any Monday teams or players who are interested in playing on Tuesdays, please let me know. Good luck to all of the teams as we enter the home stretch!!

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