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As we are winding down with the Spring Summer ’21 Sessions and getting ready to start the Fall session, I’d like to address a couple things that are of utmost importance.

Bad sportsmanship will absolutely not be tolerated in PACS.  Any player who wishes to challenge me on this will not like the outcome unless they are hoping to be banned from the league….in which case they will be extremely happy.  I’m not going to get involved in negotiations or try to justify to anyone why a person is being banned.  It will just happen and that will be that.   There are other leagues that tolerate bad sportsmanship.  Players who wish to act childish or unsportsmanlike are encouraged to play in those leagues instead.

Roster additions must be approved by me.  I have the right to deny anyone for any reason.  Furthermore, I will bring “new” players in at any handicap of my choosing.  Considerations will be given to HCs in other leagues, or a players PACS HC before taking a hiatus from PACS.  If I have strong reason to believe that a team might be under handicapped, trying to “work the system”, or the team will have an unfair advantage, that will factor into my decision as well as to whether I allow the team to add the player(s) or what handicap I wish to bring them in as.  Again, this is not going to be negotiable and I will always try to act in the interests of fairness to the entire league as a whole.

In summary, thanks to the 98% of the players who make this a great league.  If you read this and think you might be in the bottom 2% who are making the league worse, you probably are.  It’s not a badge of honor to be in the bottom 2%.




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