Some Good News For Teams That Qualified For the Invitational

Because we are still a few weeks away from the Invitational, I have some good news for teams that may be worried about “making the 26.0 rule” for the upcoming Invitational. For any players that are qualified for the Invitational now but would go up in handicap before the Invitational, the handicap that they are now ( as of November 14) will be their number in regards to the 26.0 rule ( for the Invitational only). However, IF THEY GO UP IN HANDICAP, THEY WILL STILL PLAY THE RACE AT THEIR NEW HANDICAP. For example, if a player is currently a 4.0 but they move up to a 4.5 before the Invitational. that players “number” would be a 4.0 in regards to the 26.0 rule, but they would play their race in the Invitational based on the race of a 4.5. Hopefully everyone understands this. If there is any confusion, please contact me and I’ll try to clear it up. Thanks for your understanding.

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