Central PA’s Pool Leagues

Beginning next week (starting on 2/14/22), matches will be expected to be finished by 12:00 (midnight). Each team will be allowed to run over that 12:00 time (3) times per session without penalty. On the 4th time that it happens to a team, that team will be assessed 1 penalty point. For example…. A team with a record of 30-30 that has 4 matches go past midnight in the session, their record (after the penalty point) would be 29-31. Once a team has had (4) of their matches go past midnight, each additional night that teams match finishes after midnight will cost the team an additional .25 penalty points. For example, assume that a team finished the regular session with a record of 45-45 (.500 win percentage) but had 7 matches that went past midnight. After the 1.75 penalty points are assessed, their record would be 43.25-46.75 (.486 win percentage). In other words, it will be costly for teams involved in matches that routinely go past midnight. I encourage captains to try to start earlier than the normal 7:00 start time IF BOTH TEAMS AGREE. Thanks for your understanding.

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