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Slow play is still continuing to be a problem which is leading to some very long nights. In an average 8 ball league night, about 24 games are played. A good pace for games played by higher skilled players (6 and higher) is about 7 games per hour. For medium skilled players (4-5.5), the pace should be about 5 games per hour. For lower skilled players (2-3.5), the pace should be about 3 games per hour. These are only averages. Sometimes the games will be quicker and sometimes they will be longer. It is incumbent on the captains to do everything in their power so that matches aren’t lasting into the wee hours of the night. Steps that can be taken now are.

-Limiting the amount of times that your “slow” players play each session.
-Staggering your players each week so that you can balance out your slow players with some players who shoot quickly.
– Starting earlier than 7:00 (if the other team captain agrees).
– Calling out YOUR OWN players as well as the other team’s slow players.
– Telling the opposing team who will be playing the next match so that there is not a lag time between matches.
– Limiting timeouts and when taking one, try to make it quick.

It’s understood that everyone wants to win but keep in mind that this is a recreational league and it is not fair to the other players to make them stay into the wee hours…especially when many of them need to get up early the next day. This will continue to be monitored and if it continues to be a problem, I will CONSIDER (nothing is definite) changes for the upcoming session including but not limited to…

– Changing some (a small number) of the races from 5-5 to 4-4 and from 4-4 to 3-3. (If this is done, some 4-4 and 5-5 races would remain.)
– Designating some players as “slow” players on the standings. In these cases, their opponent will have to win one less game (Example…If a “slow” 5 plays another (non-slow) 5, the race would be 4-3 instead of 4-4 with the “slow” player needing the 4 wins.)
– Reducing the number of allowable timeouts per game.
– Changing start times to 6:30.
– Reducing the max cap from 26.0 to 25.5 or 25.0.

Again, we are not playing for a million dollars here. If a player is a “6” but has to be a very slow player to maintain that “6” skill, maybe they are really a 5 or a 5.5 (if not taking so long to shoot). That’s ok. Try to be considerate of everyone’s time and realize that it’s just a recreational activity.

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